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Organizational Effectiveness

Coaching unlocks a leader's potential to maximize their growth and improve the success of their business.

What We Do?

OnPoint Impact provides services to help organizations improve their effectiveness through strategic planning, alignment on strong values and culture, and building a trusting, cohesive team. We can approach any of these areas through retreats or ongoing coaching. 

Strategic Planning

Define your true north (10-30 year goal) aligned to a 3 year plan, 1 year plan down to key priorities
for each quart and the year. The strategy will be built to evolve as you grow.

What Can I Expect?

​Through our work, we guide you and your leadership team or broader management to understand the dysfunctions of a team and work towards becoming a fully functional team that can drive results effectively and efficiently. These would include, as defined by Patrick Lencioni – building trust so team members can be comfortable being vulnerable, comfortable with constructive conflict which builds harmony, full commitment to each other, goals and the organization, individual and team accountability, and ultimately strong attention to and achievement of desired results.

Values and Cultures

Creation of strong and shared values that can be lived every day through defined behaviors that drive your desired culture

Team Building

Developing trust and building comfort with constructive conflict leads to a strong commitment to each other,
organizational goals and the organization as a whole.

If you’d like more information about Organizational Effectiveness services, get in touch today.

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