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Executive Coaching

Having a cohesive and trusting team that is aligned in their values with a clear plan is the foundation for growth and impact. 

What We Do?

OnPoint Impact provides Executive and Leadership coaching services.  Our coaching is provided to CEO’s, Executive leaders, Leadership Teams, Boards, and Board Chairs. Our services are not just about business success, but also about empowering individuals, teams, and organizations to flourish in every aspect of their lives. With a blend of expertise, proven tools, and personal dedication to your mission, we offer comprehensive coaching services designed to elevate your effectiveness and help you achieve business and personal growth.

What Can I Expect?

CEO/Leadership Teams/Boards

Working with the Head of Company, complete leadership teams, Board Chairs to improve leadership, goals, strategy and tackling challenges or opportunities.

Leadership Effectiveness

Our coaching will help leaders improve their leadership skills through guiding team cohesion and trust, coaching through individual challenges, and providing honest and straight feedback.

The coaching process is about shifting mindsets to see the possibilities, create a plan, and take consistent action.  Together, we look for positive, feasible, practical, and attainable improvements. We specialize in two types of coaching; That of coaching CEOs and senior executives to achieve stronger operational results and enhance relationships with your stakeholders, including shaping your company culture.  The second type of coaching is to work with a high-achieving individual to help shape purpose and focus, evolve work and personal goals to achieve success both personally and professionally. 

Roles and Goals

Through our coaching, we help leaders define key functions and roles to execute strategy,  achieving individual and company goals

If you’d like more information about our Executive Coaching services, get in touch today.

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